Treatment foot cream enriched with avocado oil contains vitamins A, D and E – essential for increasing the moisture level, rejuvenation of cells and healing of the skin.

Contains shea butter and beeswax, which nourish and protect the skin by enveloping it in a protective elastic layer. Horse chestnut and caffeine improve blood circulation, detoxify and reduce feet swelling.
Balances the PH level of the skin and neutralizes odors. The cream is easily absorbed and provides immediate relief. Effective in soothing and calming irritation and redness, gives a feeling of freshness over a long period of time.

An active ingredient – Caffeine, a known anti-oxidant and a natural source of vitamin B3, stimulates blood flow and helps in reducing swelling, which in turn not only reduces pain associated with swollen feet but also removes excessive pressure on the skin and aids in the healing process.

Apply to clean, dry feet, rub in well concentrating on problem areas.
In extreme cases of dryness and cracked skin advised to use twice a day. For best results, wash feet with Clearance Treatment Soap before applying the cream.



Natural antioxidant
Improves blood circulation and fights feet swelling

Shea Butter

Nurishes and Protects.

Horse Chestnut

Rich in vitamin K -strengthens blood vessels
Improves circulations
Reduces feet swelling


Soothes and protects
Elactic protective layer for the skin

Swollen feet and legs

Hyperkeratosis (dry and cracked heels)

Small irritations

Bad odors

2 reviews for Treatment Foot Cream

  1. Suzy

    My heels were always dry and cracked no matter how much cream I put on. My therapist recommended this cream. My heels now are crack free, Thank you Clearance !

  2. Noam

    I’m overweight and I suffer from constant foot swelling. This cream helps to remove the swelling and as a plus it keeps my feets super soft and light !

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