Active ointment contains high concentration of active ingredients, which provide relief from symptoms like: irritations, rashes, itching, scaling and extreme dryness. One of the main ingredients, Urea immediately hydrates and soothes, rids skin of scaling and dryness.Elastin assists in calming irritations and redness and supports skin regeneration process. Contains Climbazole, an antifungal agent responsible for fast relief from the symptoms. Magnolia bud extract & Allantoin from Comfrey plant shield the skin from irritation causes, supporting the healing process by promoting growth of healthy tissue.

How to use:

Wash the area to be treated with Clearance Treatment Soap and dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of the Active Ointment and massage in until full absorption. Repeat twice a day for 7 days. Symptoms will reduce/disappear completly within 1 or 2 days. Please complete the treatment course to insure best results.



Hydrates & Soothes
Removes scaling and dryness
Shields – antibacterial


Topical antifungal agent
Fast relief from burning and itching sensations

Allantoin (comfrey plant)

Promotes wounds’ and sores’ healing
Aids in cell formation – skin regeneration process

Magnolia bark extract

Anti-inflammatory & antiseptic
Soothes and Calms
Reduces symptoms of irritation

Athlete's foot | Eczema | Hand and foot irritations

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  1. Fanny

    Really do the job ! Fast results !

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