We are proud to introduce revolutionary product clearance, a formula that combines natural ingredients and latest technological advances, contains a unique composition of essential oils and plant extracts carefully selected and tested over time to be effective on different types of fungus.

Shake well before use, apply a few drops on clean and dry nail. Wait to dry before dressing. Recommended to use with Clearance treatment soap and deodorizing spray to maintain hygiene and increase effectiveness of the treatment. In case of onycholysis, clip the nail as short as possible. When treating thick nails invaded by fungus, file the nail surface once a week with a disposable nail file.


Tea Tree Oil

Topical antiseptic and antifungal

Jojoba Seed Oil

Nourishing and antifungal – improves collagen matrix in the nail bed, repairs and restores

Eucalyptus Oil

Stimulates blood flow to the nail, antibacterial

Castor seed Oil

High in fatty acids, rehabilitates nail bed and nail cuticle


Onycholysis occurs when the nail separates from the nail bed.

Mycosis (nail fungal infection)

Nail mycosis has one or all of the following characteristics:

  • Change in in the color of nails ( yellow, grey, green, purple or blue )
  • Change in the texture of the nail and thickening of the nail bed ( thick brittle nails which start to crumble when filed )
  • Change in shape of the nail
  • Bad odor coming from the nail

3 reviews for Active Nail Solution

  1. Vladimir P.

    Have been suffering from fungus on my toe nail for ten years. Tried the pills and spend thousands dollars on treatments that didn’t work. It took me 6 months and 6 bottles, but now I’m fungus free. Recommend it to anybody who is serious about getting rid of fungus. Your money is well spent here.

  2. Garry O.

    A heavy suitcase fell on my foot and my toenail started going blue. My pedicurist recommended it to use this as a preventive mesure against fungus. My toenail looks fine just after 3 weeks of use.

  3. Svetlana

    Due to my nails being too long, one of them started to separate from the finger. The girl who does my gel recommended it to shorten the nails and to use Active solution to treat. After a month and a half, my nail looks completely recovered and has attached itself.
    Great stuff !

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